Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Prof. Dr. Rita Triebskorn




Main Topics

  • Effects of environmental stressors including xenobiotics (drugs, pesticides, temperature, microplastics) in aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • Ecotoxicological and limnological characterization of freshwater ecosystems
  • Effects and side-effects of pesticides in target and non-target organisms
  • Ecotoxicological tests with isolated substances or xenobiotic mixtures in laboratory, semi-field and field experiments
  • Biomarkers in fish, terrestrial invertebrates (gastropods, isopods, myriapods, annelida) and aquatic invertebrates (gastropods, amphipods) as diagnostic tools in aquatic and terrestrial risk assessment
  • Ultrastructural effects resulting from environmental stress in fish and invertebrates
  • Mode of action of molluscicides
  • Efficiency control in food additives especially for fish (aquaculture, aquaristics)
  • Efficiency control of renaturation activities


Project Examples





  • Efficiency control of new molluscicidal baits; studies on mode of action (private agencies)
  • Efficiency control of fish diets or diet additives for protected and endangered species(public authorities)and for aquaristics (private companies)
  • Cause analysis: Fish health in Baden-Württemberg

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